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For those of you searching for Flooring Savannah GA you have just found the leading experts in the business and we can’t wait to help you! What kind of flooring products are you looking for today? Please click one of the options below for more information. Please remember that we offer FREE Estimates and Design Consultations. If you have any questions please call us at: (912) 925-1040


Why Choose Coastal Floor Covering?

Coastal Floor Covering has been in the Flooring Savannah GA business since 1971. That’s over 40 years of professional experience we have earned in this industry. When it comes to selecting the best flooring solution for a particular application, the experience we have with all the various flooring products available makes a huge difference and can save you time, money and a ton of frustration.

Common Flooring Savannah GA Problems:

We find that there are a number of common problems that many people have when shopping for floor covering. Coastal Floor Covering offers immediate solutions to those problems and can help you from start to finish. What are these common problems? What are the solutions that we offer?

Problem: Many people are unsure about what flooring products would work best in their particular environment – (ie. elderly, children, pets, disabled, residential or commercial). Confusion in this area often leads to purchasing the wrong product.

Solution #1:

Our sales staff has extensive knowledge and hands on experience of ALL flooring products. This allows our design consultant to work with customers to create the perfect floor that meets their particular needs and expectations. We can answer all of your questions, and recommend the right products from the very start.

Problem:  Often times we find that customers have products installed on a surface that has not been properly inspected or repaired prior to installation. Once the flooring has been installed, they begin to have issues with their new floor.

Solution #2:

Our experienced flooring professionals will inspect your sub floors prior to installing your new flooring. This helps us to determine what kind of floor preparation is required for the particular flooring product that has been selected. Sub-floors must meet industry standards. Our staff understands what these standards are and how to comply with them for the proper application of each product. With proper maintenance and installation, the floors will be beautiful and give many years of enjoyment.

Problem: As customers are receiving estimates on their flooring project they are often told by some flooring stores in Savannah GA that there are No Hidden Charges in their quote. This is a big misconception when buying from other flooring stores as there are “hidden” charges such as “free labor, “free pad”, “buy one room, get one free”. Charges ARE being hidden in other products and services, which is unethical.

Solution #3:

Coastal Floor Covering does not try to fool customers with these unethical tactics. Instead, we give our customers an itemized quote of all materials and labor so they will know exactly what they are paying for. No games, no gimmicks.

Final Comments:

When it comes to Flooring in Savannah GA and you choose to work with Coastal Floor Covering you are getting the years of professional experience we have earned. We use the term “earned” because as a new flooring company gets started it takes a bit of educated “trial and error” to learn the ropes as it were. We’re long past all of those initial growing pains! There is NO need for your flooring project to have to suffer from problems that inexperience often brings.

We can give you a FREE design consultation to help you get the right product for your home, business and lifestyle. We can help you with maintenance of the products you’ve purchased. Finally we can offer all of this to you at competitive prices complete with an honest itemized quote! Give your flooring store experts at Coastal Floor Covering in Savannah GA a call right now and let us start helping you!

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Are you looking for discount flooring in Savannah? If so please be careful as you often get what you pay for. When it comes to local flooring stores, hardwood flooring stores or laminate flooring stores, Coastal Floor Covering should be your first and only choice, as we are Savannah Flooring experts!

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