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When you start looking for Luxury Vinyl Tile please make sure you come in and visit the Vinyl Flooring Savannah GA experts at Coastal Floor Covering. There is one particular area of the flooring market that has not yet received the full amount of attention that it deserves. Large commercial designers have become BIG fans of it, but flooring retailers and most consumers at large haven’t really been in on the secret.  Well it’s now time to start sharing the amazing features and benefits that are offered by luxury vinyl tile and to separate this unique product from the rest of other vinyl products. Luxury vinyl tile is very different in the way it is manufactured and also in the aesthetic nature of it’s applications.

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile

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Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has the look & feel of the best materials but at a lower cost and are now a reality of the LVT manufacturing process. Savannah vinyl flooring is made according to Green building standards and even earns LEED points within commercial applications. It also meets the requirements of the commercial codes of flammability, requirements on slip resistance and a number of other related safety codes. The options on size can vary by each manufacturer.

Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring, by nature, are very resistant to water. It is very important to install LVT over flat, approved substrates, that are dry, so that there is no water seepage that occurs under the floor. To enhance their durability, LVT floors are coated with urethane. The lower cost is favorable to the specification of Luxury Vinyl Tile for both residential and commercial applications, which give the real look & feel of very rich and natural materials. Warranties can vary slightly by each manufacturer, however it is not that unusual to see vinyl flooring stores warranties of 10-25 years on brand name Luxury Vinyl Tile.

LVT Has More Resilience

Vinyl Flooring Savannah GA | Luxury Vinyl TileBecause of the resilient backing and the multi-layers of vinyl within Luxury Vinyl Tile, the LVT planks and tiles have much more resilience when walked on. LVT is also much easier to stand on for longer time periods AND also, as an added benefit, LVT tends to stay warmer to the touch than does ceramic. The transformation in the aesthetics of the design of LVT within the past five years or so has been stunning to say the least.

This transformation may be one of the biggest factors that have caused a lot of interior designers and Savannah vinyl flooring stores to really stop and take note of this new brand of Luxury Vinyl Tile.  The realism of LVT, even with the distressed wood finishes, slate and stone tactile surface textures are really grabbing lots of attention.

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There are many reasons why LVT is starting to gain such a huge momentum in the consumer market and we have explained them well on this page. Now it’s your turn to be pleasantly amazed by deciding which design is right for you and as one of the oldest vinyl Flooring Stores in Savannah GA we would love to help you through this process. Many are typing in terms such as “discount flooring in savannah ga” or “cheap tile in savannah ga”. But there’s no need to look any further. Give us a call right now or stop by our showroom, because as Luxury Vinyl Tile and Vinyl Flooring Savannah GA experts we can start helping you create the perfect floor today!

Page Updated: 04/30/2020

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